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Translation teams
Cooperative groups of translators

Medical translators

delivering science

Multilingual editing & translation of:

• Abstracts, reports and congressional posters

• Agreements for clinical trials

• Clinical Trial Protocols

• Clinical reviews

• Investigator brochures

• Marketing promotional material

• Media releases

• Medical questionnaires

• Medical representatives’ training material

• Informed consent forms and information sheets

• Package leaflets

• Periodic safety update reports and clinical overviews

• Product information brochures

• Product monographs

• Scientific articles

• Summaries of product characteristic (SPCs)

• User’s manuals

Team language pairs 2
  • מאנגלית לאיטלקית
  • מספרדית לאיטלקית
Team leader
Bruno Depascale
Bruno Depascale
Delivering science
Team members 1
Stefania Dell'Anna
Stefania Dell'Anna

All of
  • All of
  • חיפוש מונח
  • עבודות