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I'm a professional, certified Spanish translator with 7 years of translation experience and culinary translation has always been something I would like to dedicate more time to. I have a degree in Hospitality Management, and as part of my studies, I took four semesters related to cooking which included basic and advanced baking, Peruvian cuisine and French cuisine. I have always retained a keen interest in the culinary arts and I would love to combine my work with my love of food.
Interested in :
  • Books
Specializing in:
  • תיירות & נסיעות
  • מזון & מחלבה
  • עסקים/מסחר (כללי)
  • טבחות / בישול
  • משפטים (כללי)
  • משפטים: חוזה (חוזים)
  • אוצר (כללי)
  • כלכלה
  • משאבי-אנוש
  • קמעונות


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