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Meet the sign language interpreter from the Brazos County COVID-19 briefings

By: Andrea Capuselli

Covid pandemic coverage — Sherri Roberts, founder and owner of Sign Language Interpreting Services, now serves as the American Sign Language interpreter for the Brazos County Health District’s regular briefings on COVID-19. “That’s a very scary thing for our deaf community to see all these press conferences, knowing other people are getting this information, and they don’t have access to it,” said Roberts.

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Interpreting Providers React to US Medicare Telehealth Expansion

By: Andrea Capuselli

Covid pandemic coverage — In light of the current global pandemic, the US government expanded Medicare coverage to include medical services furnished through telehealth beginning March 6, 2020, “on a temporary and emergency basis.” Continue reading on Slator.

Translator Guleren: “When it comes to worries, we don’t differ much from each other”

By: Andrea Capuselli

COVID pandemic coverage — At the time of the corona crisis, there is a lot of information and news. However, many Dutch people with a foreign background and expatriates who do not speak Dutch, do not get this important information properly.

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Augusta University offers Translation and Interpreter services during pandemic

By: Andrea Capuselli

Covid pandemic coverage — Augusta University is working towards helping people who might not speak English. NewsChannel 6’s Reporter Ashley Flete spoke to Vivian Rice, the Department Manager of Interpreter and Translation Services at Augusta University.

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The translator championing Chinese women writers for English-language readers around the world

By: Andrea Capuselli

With 11 novels published, Nicky Harman hopes to promote contemporary Chinese literature. She studied Chinese at university and made her first trip to the country in 1974.

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The State of the Translation Industry Amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic

By: Andrea Capuselli

COVID pandemic coverage — With the coronavirus pandemic sweeping across the globe, economies are taking a nosedive with a global recession now unfolding as people are spending less, businesses are closing, and domestic and international traveling restricted. But what does that mean for translation companies, and to be more precise, the entire translation and language service industry?

Since translation companies cater to global industries, by which are already experiencing unprecedented losses comparable to that of the Great Recession, is demand for translation services drying up? What does this also mean for translators and other language professionals such as interpreters?

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Shokoofeh Azar and anonymous translator shortlisted for International Booker Prize

By: Andrea Capuselli

Shokoofeh Azar, who escaped Iran and came to Australia by boat in 2010, has been shortlisted for the International Booker Prize for her first novel, The Enlightenment of the Greengage Tree. The prize, which is worth £50,000 ($102,000) and awarded to a novel translated into English, is shared between the writer and the translator of the winning book. This poses a problem as the novel was written in her native Farsi and her translator remains anonymous. The translator travels frequently to Iran and would be banned if their name came out.

‘‘My translator actually said if the book wins then maybe they would reveal their name, which would mean they wouldn’t be able to go back to Iran.’

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Warnings about COVID-19 are being translated into Aboriginal languages to reach all Australians

By: Andrea Capuselli

Covid pandemic coverage — Clear messaging about coronavirus is the top priority for frontline workers and service providers in the Northern Territory. Among them is Darwin-based Yolngu Radio which has been working tirelessly to translate information on COVID-19 to be broadcast to Indigenous communities across the Top End.

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Lost in translation: Newcomers need COVID-19 information in their own languages, advocates say

By: Andrea Capuselli

COVID pandemic coverage — Language barriers are preventing critical information about the COVID-19 pandemic from reaching many Edmonton newcomers in low-income housing, warn advocates. They’re calling on authorities to act quickly to address the gap.

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iTranslate Medical free to all medical professionals and institutions in need of translation services

By: Andrea Capuselli

COVID pandemic coverage — iTranslate, the leading independent translation app with over 200 million downloads owned by IAC, announced today the launch of iTranslate Medical. iTranslate Medical is a translation app specifically designed to meet HIPAA standards and serve as a vital communication tool for medical professionals. The launch, originally slated for later this year, was accelerated in light of the COVID-19 pandemic to enable existing devices to facilitate cross language communication and reduce the exposure of human translators to infected individuals.

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The other danger interpreters face during the COVID-19 pandemic

By: Andrea Capuselli

COVID pandemic coverage — At the beginning of the year it looked like we were on our way to a great professional future. The booming economy, new technologies and new clients coming into the interpreter services market gave us a feeling of security. Then, it all collapsed. Our shiny future disappeared overnight. The rapid propagation of COVID-19 throughout the world brought the economy to an almost complete halt. Conferences were postponed or cancelled, courthouses closed their doors, hospitals regular routines were dramatically transformed by the overwhelming demand for beds and medical staff. The airlines did not fly anymore, and we were told (sometimes ordered) to stay home. To most independent interpreters this meant a total loss of income for the foreseeable future, coupled with uncertainty, anxiety, and fear. Many of us have seen our source of income disappear, our savings go down, and the money we had, and our retirement funds diminish or vanish in less than a week.

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A novel lexicon for the novel coronavirus

By: Andrea Capuselli

COVID pandemic coverage — Yesterday, as my colleagues and I were gearing up for our first virtual faculty meeting to plan our online teaching for the remainder of the semester, someone mentioned “social distancing“.  Immediately, another faculty member said that he heard on television that an MIT professor had advised against that expression because, in fighting the coronavirus, we need to keep our social structures intact.  Instead, the MIT professor recommended “physical distancing“.

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Language Service Providers Respond to Coronavirus Lockdowns

By: Andrea Capuselli

COVID pandemic coverage — As governments around the world step up attempts to contain the coronavirus, the language industry, grappling with fallout from the pandemic, has been striving to react with a measured response. Read the full article here.

Translation Services and the Race for a Coronavirus Vaccine

By: Andrea Capuselli

COVID pandemic coverage — In the wake of the global coronavirus outbreak, and with around a third of the world’s population in varying forms of lockdown, the world waits with bated breath for the arrival of a vaccine for Covid-19.

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Cole Heinowitz’s Translation of Argentine Poet Alejandra Pizarnik’s Critical Essays Excerpted in Paris Review

By: Andrea Capuselli

Alejandra Pizarnik was a leading voice in 20th-century Latin American poetry—Octavio Paz described her writing as exuding “a luminous heat that could burn, smelt, or even vaporize its skeptics.” Six volumes of her poetry have been translated into English. The recently issued A Tradition in Rupture (Ugly Duckling Presse), translated by Bard’s Cole Heinowitz, presents Pizarnik’s critical writings in English for the first time.

Find the link at

Chinese volunteer translator group lend a hand to outbreak in Iran

By: Andrea Capuselli

COVID pandemic coverage — The minute Zhao Xingyu saw the message that Chen Binbin posted on WeChat calling for volunteers, she answered the call. The message, posted on Feb. 24, was meant for setting up a group of people to translate China’s knowledge and experience in combating the novel coronavirus into the Persian language for Iranians.

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Linguistics: How people across the globe are discussing social distancing

By: Andrea Capuselli

COVID pandemic coverage — Translators and lexicographers are working overtime as new virus-related words and phrases enter our daily vocabulary. One urgent problem: How to convey “social distancing” in a variety of languages, with all sorts of dizzying cultural contexts, so that everyone can understand how to save lives?

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“This information is crucial”: Alberta’s ASL coronavirus translator refining the health message for deaf community

By: Andrea Capuselli

COVID pandemic coverage — When Randy Dziwenka was first contacted to be the American Sign Language interpreter for the Government of Alberta’s coronavirus briefings, he didn’t realize at the time it would be every day. But, he said it’s “awesome” to be the interpreter.

“They contacted me and asked me if I would be interested in standing up and interpreting it, so people get the information – because this is an emergency,” Dziwenka told LiveWire Calgary.

Read the full interview on Livewire Calgary

Freelance translator survey 2020

By: Alina Cincan

A survey dedicated to freelance translators (designed by translators and with contributions from translators, academics, and professional translation associations) is available at The findings will be made available for free at

Why should you take this survey?

  • You are contributing to important and valuable research that will help you reflect on the way you are working as a translator
  • For each complete response, we will donate £1 (up to £250) to a charity of your choice
  • You can suggest questions/topics for future research

Other details:

  • Personal data: Answers are 100% anonymous.
  • Completion time: ~20 minutes
  • Closing date: 5 April 2020

Some of the feedback we received:

“Thanks, that was an interesting opportunity to reflect on being a translator.”
“Great initiative, this should be conducted every year to get a true reflection of the industry from the freelancers’ perspective.”
“Very thorough and thought-provoking”

Take the survey

Glendon takes second place at annual Translation Games

By: Andrea Capuselli

Glendon College’s translation team travelled to Quebec March 6 to 8 to compete in the 15th annual Translation Games, the largest inter-university translation competition in Canada, and came home with a second-place finish – Glendon’s best performance ever.

This year’s games were hosted by the Université de Sherbrooke and brought together teams from eight of the undergraduate translation programs in Canada.

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