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The manifold challenges of localising Disco Elysium

By: Andrea Capuselli

Testronic’s Manuel Jimenez Verdinelli details the hurdles of localising ZA/UM’s hit and its one million words

How do you translate a non-linear RPG that has been lauded by many as one of the best written games ever released, with over 100 hours of gameplay, over a million words, a wealth of Soviet-era cultural cues, and one of the most passionate fanbases online?

Creators of online content for translators to follow in 2021

By: Viktoriia Horiachko

This blog post features 5 creators of online content for translators across different social media platforms. These resources will be useful both for translators who are only starting their path in the language industry and already established professionals.


When Apple Transcreates Headlines, and When it Doesn’t

By: babble-on

Transcreating Headlines is one of the most interesting parts of a translator’s job, especially when it will be seen around the world. This is especially true for headlines from large multinational companies like Apple Inc. This article walks through a fascinating example of a single headline introducing Apple Pay into more than a dozen languages. Where did Apple go right in transcreating it? Where did the team “punt” and do a more or less literal translation? Looking at examples from Spanish to Japanese, we see that even large companies with big budgets produce varied quality translations.

Full article:


Indian translations are getting richer

By: Catharine Cellier-Smart

Indian publishers are exploring literature from under-represented languages


Amazon Echo’s new Alexa Live Translation feature: friend or foe to translators?

By: Loie Favre

With the advancement of translation and interpretation technology, how concerned do translators and interpreters actually need to be? Is the robot-controlled future upon us?? Here’s my take on Amazon Echo’s new Alexa Live Translation feature/skill, and how I believe we’re still in the green zone.


The most used words of 2020: how translators and interpreters adapted this year

By: Loie Favre

What words marked 2020 and what were some things language professionals have to do to adapt to changing times and linguistic needs? How can translators be up to speed with the latest words and trends? Find out in the latest article:


How to market yourself as a freelancer: 9 self-promotion tips to get new clients

By: Loie Favre

Self-promotion as a freelancer is super important, so in my latest article, I talk about different ways that a freelancer, especially a translator or other language professional, can make themselves stand out, be relevant, meet industry peers and get noticed as an expert!


Best Google Chrome Extensions for writers and translators

By: Loie Favre

So you’re a professional writer or translator. Quality is an important measurable in our line of work, and when it’s lacking, it gets noticed. Mistakes can cost you a client. However, there are software solutions to help language professionals write better, find the right word, do more research, organize our work, and stay productive on top of it all. A lot can be achieved by adding plug-ins to your internet browser. Here are my top favorite, best Google Chrome Browser Extensions for writers and translators.


Successfully Write An Eye-Catching Translation CV

By: Andrea Capuselli

As companies increasingly turn towards international operations and expand into global markets, there is also a greater need for translators.

A carefully curated translation CV is essential if you want to stand out from the crowd and secure new projects and clients. In order to successfully compete against other translators, here are five top tips to improve your translation CV.

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national operations and expand into global markets, there is also a greater need for translators.

A carefully curated translation CV is essential if you want to stand out from the crowd and secure new projects and clients. In order to successfully compete against other translators, here are five top tips to improve your translation CV.

Use a Clear and Simple Layout

Freelance Finance: Setting Rates

By: Andrea Capuselli

Here at The Savvy Newcomer we understand that it can be intimidating to talk about money. It’s often a sticky subject, but we feel it couldn’t be more important to address as small business owners. One major component of succeeding as a freelance translator or interpreter is managing your finances well. If you don’t master your money, your translation career won’t be profitable or sustainable. This series on money matters is intended to get right to the heart of some of our biggest questions about freelance finances; we won’t shy away from the tough questions and we invite you to dive into these topics along with us.

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How the translation of a Bengali play led to a British priest being convicted for libel in 1861

By: Andrea Capuselli

Nil Darpan or The Indigo Planting Mirror was a Bengali play written by Dinabandhu Mitra in 1858-’59. The drama was written in the context of social agitation in Bengal, known as the Indigo Revolt. The play examines the treatment of the Indian peasantry or ryots by the indigo planters. It was first published in 1860.

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How to translate Perumal Murugan: Nandini Krishnan on her experience with ‘Estuary’

By: Andrea Capuselli

Award-winning Tamil writer Perumal Murugan’s latest novel Estuary has been translated by Nandini Krishnan. Estuary is a curious book. It may appear flat in its tone, but the preoccupation of the government clerk Kumarasurar with his son Meghas’s welfare is universal. Many parents will identify with it. Much of the story revolves around Meghas’s request for a fancy smartphone that Kumarasurar may or not be able to afford. Estuary is a commentary on society and a gentle dig at people who are immune to external influences and refuse to evolve.

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Against the “Good” Translation: The Power of Disobedience

By: Andrea Capuselli

Today on WWB Daily, Gitanjali Patel and Jessie Spivey of Shadow Heroes, an organization that runs creative translation workshops for students, take on the myth of the “good” translation. Deconstructing the harmful and exclusionary assumptions behind the phrase, they propose an alternative approach to translation.

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A language access timeline for interpreting on the West Coast

By: Andrea Capuselli

Interpreting is a professional field. What was once done by whoever was bilingual now has an established certification process. There are less and less reasons to work with unvetted providers. This timeline tells the story on the West Coast, where I live. I am from Oregon, where I am certified as a healthcare interpreter and a court interpreter. The story is told from an Oregon perspective. However, nothing happens in isolation. Oregon often works in partnership with the other West Coast states, or observes their work closely. What happens in the court interpreting field affects the work in the healthcare interpreting field. The story would not be complete without the federal context. Therefore, there are elements from all West Coast states and the history of court and healthcare certification is intermingled.

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The Past, Present and Future of Machine Translation with Alex Zekakis of XTM

By: Andrea Capuselli

With many organizations expanding their reach and going global, the role of translation is becoming increasingly important. Businesses need effective multilingual communication with their partners, employees and customers across cultural borders if they are to succeed in international markets.

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The language of lockdown in South Africa

By: Catharine Cellier-Smart

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, a whole new set of terms entered our lexicon.

Broadcasters, translators and language practitioners had to scramble to find ways to translate them into South Africa’s indigenous languages.


Website localization basics and a Jooble case study

By: Loie Favre

How do you reach the new potential markets and enhance your digital presence in order to please international customers? The answer is website localization.

Translation is simply translating the copy from one language to another. You have “a red apple” in English and “une pomme rouge” in French. Simple as that.

Localization is far more tricky. It is a process of adapting your product (i.e. a website) to a specific market or audience in accordance with the audience’s culture. Think of design elements as an example. If we compare the Canadian and Japanese Coca-Cola websites, we will see that the design differs drastically. While the Canadian website seems to have a clearer layout and displays the messages about the brand’s value and mission, the Japanese version of the site seems over packed with information and images. But is it wrong? Not at all! The trick is, Asian audience loves to learn as much information as possible about the product before buying it, so Coca-Cola clearly did some quality research before launching the Japanese website.

In the article, you can read up on:

  • Website localization: A step-by-step checklist
  • Main pitfalls of localization
  • How to use automation
  • Jooble case study: the job search portal that expanded globally


A Reading List for National Translation Month

By: Andrea Capuselli

We’re proud to have as CLMP Members many presses and literary journals that champion work in translation from around the world. Here are some books and magazine issues we recommend reading in September and year-round—and check out our reading list for August’s Women in Translation Month for more!

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Fil-Am’s poetry in the time of Covid gets Thai translation

By: Andrea Capuselli

Eileen R Tabios’s Inculpatory Evidence is a collection of 10 poems translated into Thai language by Natthaya Thamdee, a professional translator and lecturer at Vongchavalitkul University in Nakhon Ratchasima Thailand. It was published by Laughing/Ouch/Cube/Productions and i.e. press, California-New York. It is also Tabios’s third bilingual edition.

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The Dutch government is underestimating the value of good interpreters and translators

By: Catharine Cellier-Smart
The justice minister of the Netherlands has decided to downgrade the professional requirements for interpreters & translators to ‘secondary school levels’

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