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Duration: 90 minutes.

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April 2 T06 - Basic Terminology in Healthcare & Medicine
April 9 T07 - Basic Terminology in Legal Settings
April 16 T08 - Basic terminology for Finance & Business
April 30 T09 - Chasing terms online
May 7 T10 - Building Non-CAT glossaries

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Summary:Learn to use the many free online glossaries and translation databases available for translators and interpreters; harness the power of the internet and make your search easier, faster, more productive and consistent.
In 90 minutes, you will learn some of the basic tricks of term research online in the 21st Century. Where to find the meaning of terms, how to combine words and phrases to retrieve information that is valuable to your search; where and how to search the internet; how to bookmark and create your lists of favorite FREE sites for easy search in the future. Topics include Web search operations, online glossaries, databases and other freebies, reliable resources, how to find the strongest source and bookmarking for future use.

This is one session of a 5-part bundle on the terminology used in healthcare and medicine, legal settings and finance and business, and tips on how to build better glossaries. You may take each session individually or the 5 sessions as a unit.

This content was created by Claudia Brauer.
Target audience
Learning objectives
- Internet search operations for translators and interpreters
- What and how to bookmark and create favorites
- How to use multiple venues to confirm meaning and context
Sufficient command of English to understand the session.

PREPARATION materials will be shared BEFORE each session, and HANDS-ON exercises will be suggested to be completed AFTER each session. The student is expected to be fully engaged in the session with ACTIVE listening, individual thinking and processing of information, as well as hands-on note-taking and interactive activities. This is a fast-pace session with an upbeat and lively mood, that requires full engagement on the part of the participant.
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Web search operations
Online glossaries
Databases and other free resources
Reliable resources
Finding the strongest source
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 Claudia Brauer    View feedback | View all courses
Bio: Claudia became a trainer of translators and interpreters in 2011, after 35 years of experience as a translator and interpreter. She is also a speaker, writer and blogger on topics related to the current state of the translation and interpreting industry.

She has designed and delivered more than 300 hours of proprietary content and uses her wikis to freely disseminated some 25 copyrighted tools designed to help translators and interpreters in the 21st century virtual village.

The vision of BrauerTraining is to educate translators and interpreters, so they may become great quality professionals with a high code of ethics, embracing technology to remain competitive in today's world.

Claudia can be found on the web at http://brauertraining.com and on Twitter as @Brauer21Century.

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